Sash Windows Shrewsbury Can Refurbish All Types Of Sash Windows

Frequent inspection of your windows will inform you of any little issues that might arise, such as draughts, before they become more significant and Sash Windows Shrewsbury are feasible to assist with this.

Sash Windows Shrewsbury are experts in window refurbishment and will offer competitive prices for our historically accurate designs.

During refurbishment, Sash Windows Shrewsbury give you the chance to embellish your new windows with your own ideas and styles.

Draught proofing your strounty home will defend it from heat loss, dirt intake, and noise pollution whilst also lowering the ammount you pay on heating bills.


If you are planning on getting Sash Windows Shrewsbury to reovate a Georgian, Regency or Victorian property or building a brand new home in these kind of styles, sash windows are a fundamental aspect of these periods.

By having Sash Windows Shrewsbury refurbish your current sash windows you can really lift the beautiful looks of your property, upgrading its finish and consequently, making its value higher.

Sash Windows Shrewsbury Are Experts At Refurbishing Sash Windows


If you windows or doors are beyond repair however, Sash Windows Shrewsbury will always grant a full replacement service.

Further to Sash Windows Shrewsbury standard repair and refurbishment services, It is possible at Sash Windows Shrewsbury to upgrade a sash window to the attainment equal to a modern replacement. Sash Windows Shrewsbury use modern window advancements such as slim frames, double glazing, thermal insulation as well as elegantly crafted timber, to manufacture and retain the genuine sash window character.

Although Sash Windows Shrewsbury know our refubishment products are made with high quality and value, we only endorse them to patrons if we consider they represent a good long term investment.

sash window draught proofing operates using a high-spec system that will elliminate many problems associated with the style, such as wind rattling and noise pollution. To minimise future maintenance and guarantee your bay window's strength, Sash Windows Shrewsbury use specialised treatments and finishes on all our products.

If you need to eliminate draughts and reduce the ammount of heat lost in your home, then draught proofing activities are the solution to your insulation needs.

fully refurbished sash windows will work with much ease for up to at least 15 years and will not involve any attention other than periodic paintwork. Having shabby or broken sash windows can really compromise the image of your beloved home, Sash Windows Shrewsbury restoration services can greatly help to imrpove this.